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Hi there!

My name is Suraj and I'm a volunteer meditation instructor. I'm working as a consultant in Atlanta, and love to share my passion for work-life balance and learning how to center oneself.

I've been practicing heartfulness meditation for over 6 years and teaching it for almost 4 years now. So often I come across friends who are interested in starting meditation but just don't know where to start. Or even worse, they've started paying for an app and it's going out of budget!

Check out the resources below for a simple way to learn this practice, here and now, from the convenience of your own home!

Check out my TED Talk:

Learn about why I choose to meditate!

All the best things in life are free. Including meditation.

The philosophy for heartfulness meditation is simple: inner peace cannot be sold and must be shared with all. For anyone 15 years or older, the heartfulness way is a set of simple and easy-to-follow meditation practices that are meant for all human beings (regardless of belief, culture, gender, etc.)

To learn more and try this out for yourself, schedule an individual meditation session over Google Hangouts with me!

  • Sessions are 45mins long and one-on-one with me over a video call

  • The platform we use is Zoom, which you can download here (email me if you'd prefer a different software)

  • We'll discuss your meditation goals, go through a guided relaxation and meditation (~25-35mins), and discuss how to keep this practice going!

  • No prior experience is necessary. No yoga mats or mediation cushions needed.

All heartfulness meditation sessions are offered on a volunteer basis, free-of-charge. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and email me at freemeditationonline@gmail.com.

Schedule your free one-on-one meditation session today!

If you're having issues with the calendar widget, try this link to sign up for a time slot: https://calendly.com/freemeditation/individual

Want to try it on your own first?

Download HeartsApp

A free meditation app, available for iPhone or Android.

Watch the Masterclasses

Try out and follow along with these 3 meditation masterclass videos (no sign up required!)